EcoAlliance Group, LLC utilizes sustainable hydroponic farming to combine the growing need for quality, locally sourced, nutritious food in local communities with that of investors who are interested in securing profitable, lower risk investment opportunities that aid a social cause.

Through hydroponic farming, this opportunity will provide investors the opportunity to build wealth through an alternative asset investment without the volatility of Wall Street and it will provide job opportunities and healthy hydroponically grown food options for many underserved communities while facilitating growth of their local economy.

Hydroponic farming is based on IECA (indoor environmentally controlled agriculture)  technology, which is a method of growing  fruits and vegetables organically indoors using a steady supply of nutrient enriched water, instead of soil, which allows for year-round production.

Our business model is based on the proven model created by CropKing, an Ohio based company with over 40 years of experience in the IECG industry and James Bloom, the Director of Business Agriculture Services for Eco.

Our plan involves building production facilities (hydroponic grow centers) and grocery stores within local underserved communities. Between the hydroponic grow centers and grocery stores we will provide up to provide up to 300 jobs in these local communities.

Our grow centers will produce much more than is required by the local community, so our marketing and distribution plan involves utilizing a firm with over 40 years of experience in national food sales and distribution to secure contracts to provide our year-round healthy produce to the large retail and institutional customers, local restaurants, medical institutions, farmers markets and schools. It is anticipated that with the local grocery stores and these contracts in place, most ,if not all of our produce will be pre-sold prior to going into production.

All production facilities (grow centers) will be located in areas known to be economically distressed (where 40% or more of the residents have an annual income at or below the poverty level) and employment will be sourced from within these communities.  We will strive to accommodate military veterans, those recently released from incarceration, and recovering drug addicts and provide them with jobs that offer a livable wage.

EcoAlliance Group, LLC offers a perfect combination of goodwill and opportunity and is committed to revitalizing the communities we serve.